Diffraction pattern

X-Ray Synchrotron Mirrors

photo 1

Checking surface roughness with the Veeco interferometer

Crystal Scientific specialize in producing mirrors for second and third generation synchrotron sources.

Third generation synchrotrons and new sources with enhanced performance such as Free Electron Lasers (FEL), place high demands on reflection optics. The severe heat loads imposed mean that the mirrors must be cooled to ensure their geometric shape is preserved and slope errors minimised. We specialise in polishing high heat conductivity and low thermal expansion materials such as single crystal silicon for just this purpose.

We have developed sophisticated techniques in machining, lapping and polishing to achieve high accuracy. Our extensive suite of metrology tools allows frequent checks of slope and roughness during the polishing process to ensure the highest possible quality.

Crystal Scientific can make to your specification all the shapes commonly demanded by synchrotron beamlines: