Diffraction pattern


PhD thesis


Crystal Scientific was established in February 1995 by Dr Simon Cockerton to manufacture synchrotron diffraction optics. Since that time it has developed strong customer relationships at most the of the major synchrotrons worldwide and has also built up links with the commercial beamline integrators.

The initial focus was on diffraction optics, which developed the initial core skills of the company - precision machining of single crystals and expert x-ray characterisation using well-proven analytical tools. By supplying the synchrotrons directly and then also the system integrators such as Kohzu and Oxford Instruments, Crystal Scientific became a well-known and respected supplier to numerous groups at synchrotrons worldwide.

Market research identified that there was an opportunity for another supplier of x-ray synchrotron mirrors who could meet three key criteria:

Early in January 2002, an opportunity arose to purchase the assets of Spectrogon AZ, the reflective optics company based in Tucson, Arizona. A complete set of manufacturing equipment and processes together with the critical characterisation tools to accurately measure complex x-ray optics were purchased.

Today Crystal Scientific caters comprehensively for both the diffraction and reflection areas, using the experience from both to further develop their products.

Crystal Scientific has continued to grow and in 2008 moved to a new purpose built factory. Still based in the North East of England and close to both the thriving city of Newcastle-upon-Tyne and the historic city of Durham - each well known for their universities and with strong links to x-ray applications and the synchrotron community.