Diffraction pattern

Mirror Refurbishment

Differential coating schematic

Two plano mirrors

The quality of x-ray mirrors that are produced today is significantly better (slope error and surface roughness) than that which was available 5-10 years ago. Thus there are many large optics installed world wide with slope and roughness characteristics that can be improved. In addition mirror coatings degrade (surface contamination) over time resulting in a reduction in performance.

In order to provide customers with an optics upgrade path that doesn't require a complete new mirror purchase, we offer a refurbishment service for x-ray mirrors. At a basic level this involves stripping off old coatings and replacing the coating. This can be done for any mirror shape.

Furthermore we offer to repolish, and then recoat, existing mirrors to improve slope errors and surface roughness. This is especially attractive for plano mirrors as our plano polishing techniques are rapid, allowing us to achieve high quality results in a few weeks. This makes it a practical proposition to consider refurbishing a mirror during a short shutdown.

We will also consider repolishing cylindrical and other non-planor optics.