Diffraction pattern


Factory distant view

The view from across the fields

Since April 2008 we have been located in purpose built manufacturing premises close to the Northumberland national park. Our rural location minimises vibration which is a key requirement for the high precision work that we undertake.

North side of the factory

The North side of the factory

Our premises were custom designed to ensure the best conditions for creating high quality mirrors and crystals. The windows all face north to reduce the heating affect of the sun and have been designed in a way to allow natural light to enter most parts of the unit. The walls are super insulated to a thickness of 0.5m and the whole factory floor is temperature controlled. Both of these factors minimise temperature fluctuations, which is most important in this technology.

The factory's underfloor heating is powered entirely by renewable energy sources, a combination of solar energy and a highly efficient biomass boiler. These are situated in our Austrian eco cabin on the South side of the factory to acquire most solar energy. The controls in the cabin ensure that a constant temperature is maintained by running the biomass boiler when the solar energy is not sufficient.

South side of the factory

The South side with the eco cabin

Factory front

Front of the building