Diffraction pattern

Diffraction Crystals

crystal pair

A pair of crystals for a double crystal monochromater

Crystal Scientific specialize in producing diffraction crystals for second and third generation synchrotron sources.

Third generation synchrotrons and new sources with enhanced performance such as Free Electron Lasers (FEL), place high demands on diffraction optics. The severe heat loads imposed mean that the crystals must be cooled to minimise scattering. We specialise in using low thermal expansion materials such as single crystal silicon for just this purpose.

Our diffraction crystals are principally used in x-ray monochromators both single, channel cut, and double crystal designs. A number of cooling systems can be applied to the crystals which can require precise machining of channels or holes in the crystal.

Precise orientation of the crystal is vital in order to produce high quality characteristics. X-ray crystallographic techniques are used to orientate the crystal for machining to an accuracy of 0.05 degrees. All crystals are supplied with full x-ray characterisation data.

Diffraction crystals from Crystal Scientific are now in operation in sychrotron beamlines in all the new facilities worldwide.

Crystal Scientific can make to your specification: