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Sagittal Crystals

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Sagittal crystal

Sagittal Crystal

Sagittal focusing crystal systems were primarily developed to focus broad x-ray fans from bending magnet sources. The sagittal focusing crystal is used as the second crystal in a double crystal monochromator.

As well as acting as the second crystal, bending the crystal into a cylindrical shape results in horizontal focusing of the beam. Bend radii can be quite extreme (5 to 1m radius of curvature) and so careful mechanical design of the crystal, together with precision manufacturing, is critical for performance. A wide variety of designs exist with the rib dimensions and repeat distances being optimised for different applications.


Sagittal crystal

Closeup of a sagittal crystal ribs

As well as manufacturing these complex crystals, we offer a service where we will work with the end user to mount the crystal into the bender mechanics, and then perform in-situ metrology on the complete assembly.

An example of this work can be seen here: bending shown in a 3D plot and bending shown in the surface profile